5 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica in the Rainy Season

IMG_3502When searching “best time to visit Costa Rica”, many sites say that it is best during the summer time aka the dry season. Dry season lasts from December to April. What they don’t tell you is that traveling to Costa Rica during the green season or rainy season (May to November) has its advantages.

Here are the 5 reasons to visit Costa Rica during the rainy season:

1. Less Crowds.

Some people like crowds, but the majority tries to avoid them. Less crowds translate into better attention, shorter waiting times and more relaxation.

2. Sunny Mornings, Rainy Afternoons.

With exceptions of course, rainy season in Costa Rica offers hot sunny morning and afternoon showers, this gives you enough time to enjoy the beach and different activities in the early hours of the day and enjoy your afternoon relaxing with the sound of the rain.

4. Green and greener.

Rain makes everything greener and that makes for beautiful views, the rainforests come alive and this draws more wildlife.

5. Caribbean Coast.

The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica (Limón) has the best weather during the months of September and October the beaches and National Parks in this area are worth visiting.

Other activities like surfing and scuba diving are good all year round, it all depends too on the area you will be visiting, but likely there will always be a place in Costa Rica where you can find the best conditions for a particular activity no matter the time of the year. Pack your bug repellent and your raincoat and you’ll be ready to enjoy Costa Rica during the off-season.

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