Alumni Feature with Hannah Moss: OBCR Alumna to Nuclear Engineer

Girl Scouts come from around the United States to join us on various service and adventure-based programs. 7 years ago, Texas native, Hannah Moss, joined us on an Outward Bound Costa Rica (OBCR) Girl Scout Destinations course. She now works as a Nuclear Engineer in Washington state! How cool! We reached out for an interview on her OBCR experience and where she is today. Here’s what she had to say:

1522080_10204313839351058_4165740038918042917_nWhat is your full name?

My name is Hannah Moss.

Where are you from?

I’m from Dallas, Texas, but I currently live and work in Richland, Washington in the United States.

When and what course did you go on?

I got involved with Outward Bound Costa Rica in June 2010 through a Girl Scout Destinations trip. I was just finished with my sophomore year in high school and this was my first experience out of the United States. I couldn’t have asked for a better one!!

Why did you choose a course with Outward Bound Costa Rica?

Outward Bound Costa Rica had already had a relationship with the Girl Scout program for surfing and I picked this great organization for this 13trip. I wanted to go to Costa Rica to explore another culture while being able to spend time surfing—which was and still is a hobby of mine.

Tell us about your experience on course?

I had such an amazing time on my trip to Costa Rica with the Outward Bound organization. It was three weeks with Girl Scouts from around the United States learning to surf, exploring the beautiful country, and doing service work. We camped on the beach, stayed with a local family, got to experience the culture, went on a river rafting trip, and explored the treetops ziplining! The program had a service portion and we got the amazing experience of painting a school for the local community. We got to spend time in the rainforest as well as the coast.

1What did you take away from your experience?

I had always been good at getting along with new people, but this trip really showed me my strong ability to connect with the people around me regardless of background or culture. This experience really sparked my love of travel and the outdoors. It inspired me to see the world more and in college I was fortunate enough to take a course in Brazil for a summer.

Were there any specific moments, challenges, people, interactions or instructors that stood out to you?

All the girls I met had a lasting experience and we kept a group Facebook chat going for about a year after our trip had 7ended. I distinctly remember the school project and how fun it was to spend our time helping the community. As we worked, we end up getting into a small paint war. There were a number of good laughs and cheers as we all learned and improved our surfing skills. There was this one wave I was so excited about catching, but right when I started to paddle into it I turned to look at the other girls. Their faces looked horrified. I looked back and realized how big the wave was and I promptly ate it. When I finally recovered, we spent the next five minutes bending over laughing. We had three amazing instructors who all were really invested in our group. Tania Haddad was one of the best surf instructor I have had and she was so fun to be around. Spending time with our local hosts on the coast was amazing and they taught us some much about the culture.

How did your OBCR experience help you prepare for your future?

My experience with OBCR really opened me up to the joy of meeting new people and trying new things. Ever since, I have taken many trips all around the United States during college. It also was a main reason why I decided to venture out of the country and spend time in Brazil. I’m working now so the goal is to save money, explore the Pacific Northwest, and eventually, in the next couple years, have enough money to take a year off to travel around Europe. This experience also helped establish my love of the outdoors! Now that I have moved to Washington, I live by three river and I’m closer to the west coast. So, I am getting back into surfing (using my awesome OBCR skills), skim boarding, and stand up paddle boarding.

What are you doing now?

I currently work in Washington at the Hanford Department of Energy site as a Nuclear Engineer.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I love hiking around the Pacific Northwest, taking trips to the coast, volunteering around my community, and I am even a Girl Scout leader for a daisy troop here in town.

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