Girl Scout Troop 32222 Embrace a Challenge and Conquer Fears in Costa Rica

This group of ladies joined us for 7 action-packed days! The day after their arrival, they headed out to their remote launch point to begin the hike. Along the way, this custom group went waterfall rappelling down an 80-foot waterfall, and learned how to make sugar from raw sugar stalks. After volunteering at a local school in Piedras Blancas and building a new greenhouse for the community, Troop 32222 headed to Manuel Antonio beach to boogie board, surf, and soak up the sun before heading back to our rainforest base. To end their journey, they went to the Artisan Market in San Jose to find souvenirs to bring back home.

Throughout their trip, there were many opportunities where each of these girls conquered their fears and pushed themselves beyond what they thought was possible. Here is what their Instructors, Mauren and Colvin, had to say about each Girl Scout, as well as what lesson each of them learned out on course:

DSC01010_Genevieve Q

Gen: “I learned that I really enjoy traveling and challenging myself. I definitely want to see more of the world in the future.”

Instructors: “Gen never backed down from a challenge. Rappelling the waterfall was no easy task yet she did it with a smile. If she could bring anything back home with her, it would be to live in the moment.”




Emme: “I loved getting to see the people we were helping and almost living like they did. I loved getting to know the people that we were helping.”

Instructors: “Emme is a bright and intelligent young girl. Emme led the hike and never showed a sign of being tired. I hope Emme brings home the compassion and thankfulness she showed to all of her wonderful friends.”




Ella: “This [trip] makes me want to see more of the world and how people live.”

Instructors: “Ella could be working on the hardest job and never show signs of letting up. Even in the face of fear she completed the waterfall rappel with a huge smile. If she brings home the go-getter attitude that she had while in Costa Rica, the sky is the limit for her.”





Ada: “One of my favorite parts on course was getting to know our host family and learning about the culture of the people in Costa Rica.”

Instructors: “Ada always had a huge smile on her face even if it was tough work. With her attitude, she can achieve anything. While facing the waterfall rappel Ada stayed calm, cool, and collected. I hope Ada takes home the mindset she embraced here in Costa Rica of living in the present.”




Maddie: “Costa Rica is truly amazing; the guides helped to make it more incredible.”

Instructors: “Maddie has confidence like no other, she is very confident in her abilities. Maddie is a hard worker. When building the garden, she was the first person working and the last. I hope she heads home with that same “work hard” attitude.”




DSC00990_NevilleNeville:  “My experience in Costa Rica was very fun because I challenged myself and got closer with my friends and the instructors.”

Instructors: “Neville has a huge heart filled with compassion. She is there for her friends when they are down and she led the tough hike with no fear. If Neville could bring one thing home with her it would be to not worry so much about what people are doing and to be happy where she is in the moment.”



DSC00987_Genevieve S

Viva: “I’d been planning for this trip for many years and everything in Costa Rica was even better and more exciting than I could imagine.”

Instructors: “Viva has a laugh that will turn your day around. She’s always having the most fun! Making sugarcane into candy is tough work but Viva made it seem so easy with her awesome attitude. Viva as an attitude filled with joy, compassion, and tenacity. Nothing can stop her.”




Anna: “I really liked playing with the kids at our homestay and helping them with their school and garden. It taught me to be grateful for all the things we have at home.  I also will remember the feeling of accomplishment when we finished the long hike up the hill!”

Instructors: “Anna has a compassionate personality that lifts up the group. In the beginning she was very homesick, but she pushed through it and made the best of everything. I hope Anna brings home the mindset of living in the present because once she embraced it, all of her worries went away.”




Isabel: “This course has changed me. In our generation it is very common that we don’t look around and explore. This course gave me the opportunity to experience challenges, accomplishments, and pure joy in life.”

Instructors: “Hard work does not bother Isabel. She embraces challenges with a great attitude. Isabel’s attitude towards hard work and fun is like no other. She embraces tasks with a smile. If she continues this when she returns home she can achieve anything.”

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