Girl Scout Destinations Update: Painting, Scuba Diving, and Trekking through Costa Rica & Panama

Take a look at what our Girl Scouts have been up to this week on course! Rainforest River & Reef (Session 2), Service Challenge (Session 3), and Scuba & Sea Turtle Adventure (Session 3) Girl Scouts have been knee deep in adventures. We’ll be sad to see them go this Saturday!

Rainforest River & Reef (Session 2):

IMG_7288These seven Girl Scouts conquered the hike! They finished out their time in the mountains by rappelling an 80-foot waterfall and learning about Red-Eyed Tree Frogs at Rancho Tinamu. The Girl Scouts completed the last leg of their hike on Monday in Londres where they transferred to our beach lodge in Manuel Antonio! Yesterday they took a walking tour through the National Park where they saw many species native to Costa Rica, including monkeys, sneaky racoons, lizards, and much more. Each night, they are learning something new about this country with lessons on Tico culture, sugarcane production,and the climates of Costa Rica. After enjoying the beach, they will be travelling back to base tonight to close out their time here whitewater rafting, ziplining through rainforest canopies, and visiting our capital city, San Jose!

IMG_7290     IMG_7283     IMG_7281

Service Challenge (Session 3):

IMG_7246These thirteen Girl Scouts ended their time in Talamanca by putting the finishing touches on an expertly painted soccer locker room! Sam, one of the girls, led the efforts in designing a soccer ball on the face of the building and the girls celebrated their work by adding their handprints to the design, playing a pickup game with locals, and learning how to make bracelets and hair wraps. The next morning, they played games with local high school students and took a refreshing dip in the river! On Saturday, they were sad to leave Talamanca and say goodbye to their host family, but began their journey into Panama to begin working with sea turtles! In the San San Pond Sak Wetland Reserve, they assisted with sea turtle conservation efforts through nightly patrols, cataloging nests, releasing newly hatched baby turtles into the wild! Today they will be returning to base for their last few days, exploring markets in San Jose, ziplining, and whitewater rafting.

IMG_7236     IMG_7235     IMG_7263

Scuba & Sea Turtle Adventure (Session 3):

IMG_7254After volunteering with sea turtle projects last week, these Girls Scouts have been exploring more of the Bocas del Toro islands on a canopy tour, wakeboarding, and learning how to scuba dive! Executive Director and Scuba Instructor, Jim, met up with their group to guide them through a full course. The girls have been soaking up knowledge and taking in the incredible ocean sights on night and wreck dives. For now, they are studying up before their big scuba test today! After a free dive on Thursday, they will be transferring back to Costa Rica for their last evening on base before heading home on Saturday.

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