Scuba, Service, & Surf: Open Enrollment Student Update!

Although many of our open enrollment students have been with us for a while, joining us for weeks at a time to enjoy various excursions, this past weekend we received 7 new students for 18+ Panama! All 7 are members of our esteemed partner,  The National Society of Leadership and Success. So far, all of our groups have ventured out to different regions of Costa Rica and Panama to engage in activities ranging from community service to wake-boarding. We’re excited to host them all, and even more excited to tell you about what they’ve been up to since they’ve arrived. Here’s our student update:

SHH #2

2017-07-16-PHOTO-00000689Last Saturday morning, Service, Hike, & Homestay students woke up bright and 2017-07-18-PHOTO-00000712early to hike to Casa Hernan. In-between their trek, they stopped to enjoy a refreshing 80 foot waterfall repel and take in the sights of the rainforest. Sunday morning the group woke up and began another hike to Rancho Tinamu. Here they are enjoying a home-cooked meal at their first homestay, Casa Magda. Monday, the students transferred to Manuel Antonio beach to relax near the water and boogie board on the waves. Yesterday afternoon, SHH students returned to base and enjoyed a day of rest. Today, the students are out on the river enjoying a day of whitewater rafting!

CSS #2

2017-07-19-PHOTO-000007662017-07-18-PHOTO-00000738Also last Saturday, Caribbean Scuba & Service students enjoyed a day on the beautiful waters of the archipelago in Bocas del Toro and began their sea kayak expedition. Sunday, the students engaged with a local indigenous community on a nearby island. On Monday and Tuesday, students returned to the water to wakeboard! Yesterday, students transferred to San San Pond Sak to work with local conservationists and the sea turtle population cataloging new hatchlings. Today, CSS students are enjoying their last day in San San before they return to our rainforest base tomorrow and prep to return home or transfer to another course!

PSS #1

Friday afternoon Pacific Surf & Service students said goodbye to their new friends in Pacific Surf & Cert #1, during lunch, and returned to the Manuel Antonio beach base. There, they continued to surf until Monday morning when they transferred to Playa Dominicalito to camp and surf some new waves. Tuesday morning, PSS students woke up before the sun headed out to surf, getting refreshment from the coconuts right off the tree. Yesterday, all students were able to surf beyond the break and catch big waves. They also hiked to a beautiful waterfall. Today, PSS students return to our rainforest base head out tomorrow to enjoy a city tour and shopping at the San Jose artisan market.

2017-07-18-PHOTO-00000733 2017-07-18-PHOTO-00000736 2017-07-19-PHOTO-00000780

18+ Panama

After a long travel day to Costa Rica, these 7 students came back to our rainforest base and began to pack for their next journey. Sunday morning they woke up bright and early to begin a second travel day to Solarte, Panama. Monday morning the activities began. Students learned the fundamentals of scuba diving & sea kayaking then spent the afternoon wake boarding. Yesterday, this group enjoyed a night dive to view bioluminescence among the coral reef of Bocas del Toro! Today, students will be taking their final written practical scuba exam. This morning we received news that students engaged in intercultural exchange with local community members and really appreciate connecting with people without the use of modern technology. They will continue to enjoy water activities before returning back to our rainforest base tomorrow.


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