10 Ways To Fund Your Next Outward Bound Costa Rica Course


Travel isn’t a luxury just for the rich and frivolous. Travel can be a beautiful reality for anyone! There are people of all backgrounds traveling the world on a wide range of budgets. If the lack of money is stopping you from achieving your travel dreams, with a little flexibility, creativity, and resourcefulness, you’ll be able to live your travel dreams on any budget.

We hope that everyone is able to experience an Outward Bound Costa Rica course, so we’ve put together a list of all the ways past students have funded their course with us! Take a look. Be inspired. Book your adventure!

1. Gift a Trip.

Next time your family asks what you what you want for Christmas or your birthday, ask them for the adventure of a lifetime. Setup a Go Fund Me page and send your family your link!

2. Land a Summer Job.DSCN4285 copy

Summer is here and there is always money to be made. Check out the local jobs in town and save up to fund an excursion. Not only will it give you something to do this summer but it will also feel great to know that you saved up all on your own.

3. Sell Your Skills.

There are so many cool ways to fundraise these days. From sites like Go Fund Me to simply selling things that you make in your free time. Are you an artist? Are you a writer? Sell a few of your art pieces or offer something handmade in exchange for someone donating money to your Outward Bound Costa Rica Trip fund.

4. Crowdfund Your Way.

Raise funds to finance your trip via crowdfunding websites such as FundMyTravel.com! If your trip includes a community or a conservation service project, you can write to and contact local community groups, organizations or associations from your hometown, county, or state. Research local civic groups who might be interested in sponsoring your trip, including: Rotary International, Lions Club, Royal Geographic Society, and Round Table.

5. Organize a Cookout.

Are you an awesome party planner? Or a grill master? This summer host a cookout or day picnic. Invite all your friends and family and have a small  suggested donation fee as well as a small jar for donations around at each table.

6. Begin Your Belated Spring Cleaning.

A little late cleaning out your old clothes this year? Go through your closet and sort out what you don’t wear anymore. Keep all the items that bring you joy and take the rest out for donation at your local consignment shop.

7. Car Wash.

Partner up with a few friends and plan a community car wash. Charge a small fee per car and have a fun time while cleaning.

8. Yard Sale.

Similar to the late spring cleaning idea, yard sales are another great way to sell items other than clothes to your community. You can even ask your friends if they have belongings they are willing to sell.

9. Reach Out to Fellow Girl Scouts.

Are you a part of a Girl Scout Troop? Want to hear from other members that have joined us on course? We have an awesome contact who can provide you with tips on how Outward Bound Alumni have funded their course in the past. For more information email, GirlScouts@OutwardBoundCR.org.

10. Borrow Some Miles!

Do you know someone who has racked up some frequent flyer miles? Ask if they would be willing to donate a few to you to fund your flight to Costa Rica.

Pro Tip: Whichever way you choose to fundraise, make sure that you are outreaching to as many people as you can. Social media has made getting the word out a lot easier. Be sure to make a quick post about what program you are trying to attend, how much you need, and to ask all of your friends and family to repost and share it! Good luck!


Ready to Start Fundraising?

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