“It was like a lifetime of experiences/lessons compressed into two weeks. I used every sense, every skill, every limb, every milligram of energy in the shortest space of time possible. I know that this was more than an educational experience because when I try to explain the activities/learning to others, I often can’t find the words.”

Listen to our Gap Year & Semester student Becca P. describing how an Outward Bound Costa Rica course empowers students to become leaders through daily roles and a situational leadership wheel developed by Clinton Sidle:

The objectives of Outward Bound programs are to facilitate personal growth and success in the following areas:


  • Demonstrating increased self-confidence and self-actualization
  • Demonstrating compassion toward others and living a healthy and balanced life


  • Demonstrating the ability to set goals, and inspire and guide others to achieve them
  • Demonstrating the ability to collaborate, communicate, and resolve conflicts effectively


  • Demonstrating social and environmental responsibility
  • Actively engaging in service to others


  • Demonstrating success against traditional measures of school achievement
  • Connecting concepts and Spanish learned in the classroom with real life experiences

Watch the video to learn more about Outward Bound’s tried-and-true teaching model and its 70-year history: