All Girl Scout Destinations Students Updates – July 28th

CATCHING WAVES #1 This Tuesday marked the end of our Catching Waves #1 Girl Scout Destination. Students completed their week of surfing as better surfers and travelers! The group goes home with memories, new friends and skills. We wish all them the best of luck in all their future endeavors. SCUBA & SEA TURTLE ADVENTURE #3 The Scuba & Sea Turtle Adventure #3 participants spent […] Read More >

All Summer Expeditions Student Updates- July 26th

Pacific Surf & Cert #2 Our Pacific Surf & Cert #2 expedition is fully underway! Three students from Rainforest Hike & Homestay and one student from Caribbean Scuba & Service have joined together this week to finish their Summer Expeditions at Avellanas beach in Costa Rica. Over the next few days, these four students will […] Read More >

All Girl Scout Destinations Students Updates – July 21st

SCUBA & SEA TURTLE ADVENTURE #3 During their time on course, the Scuba & Sea Turtle Adventure #3 participants had time to bond in Bocas del Toro, Panama, and drank coconut water from coconuts just cut with a machete near the jungle and the beach! The girls tried trust falls where they had to trust their course […] Read More >

All Summer Expeditions Student Updates – July 19th

PACIFIC SURF & CERT #1 After a week spent surfing in Costa Rica, it is time to bid farewell to our five students of Pacific Surf & Cert #1.  The students surfed with our instructors who provided them with holistic, one-on-one surfing classes. The group also had the opportunity to get First Aid/CPR certified while enjoying the beauty and culture of […] Read More >

All Girl Scout Destinations Student Updates – July 14th

SCUBA & SEA TURTLE ADVENTURE #2 For the second part of their course, the Scuba & Sea Turtle Adventure #2 Girl Scout participants spent a day at the beach and enjoyed the beauty of Panama. “What has surprised me the most is how beautiful this country is and how everything is different from back home,” said Caroline A. from Menomonee Falls, […] Read More >

All Summer Expeditions Student Updates- July 12th

Rainforest Hike & Homestay #1 This weekend marked the end of our Rainforest Hike & Homestay #1. Two students from this group are moving on to Caribbean Scuba & Service #2, and two will be joining our Pacific Surf & Cert #1. “I learned so much about not only myself but how I impact the […] Read More >

All Girl Scout Destinations Student Updates – July 7th

Scuba & Sea Turtle Adventure #2 During their first days, the Scuba & Sea Turtle Adventure #2 Girl Scouts stayed at San San Pond Sak Wetland Reserve in Panama where they performed night patrols and built sustainable habitats for the baby turtles. The girls had the opportunity to plant trees at San San Pond Sak Wetland Reserve and felt very […] Read More >

All Summer Expeditions Student Updates- July 5th

Caribbean Scuba & Service #1 After arriving in Panama on Monday, the Caribbean Scuba & Service Session #1 students spent their first week getting their scuba diving certifications in Bocas del Toro, completing lessons and dives in the wonderful Caribbean waters. Students were able to get up-close views of a variety of tropical fish and see bioluminescence on a night […] Read More >

Course Update: Girl Scout Troop Helps Local School & Experiences Waterfall Rappel Challenge – July 1st

The Girl Scout Troop 3161 has been busy since its arrival in Costa Rica last week: the group has made its way through the community of San Isidro, hiked to Rancho Tinamu and participated in traditional activities, along with outdoor adventures. The group of eight Girl Scouts and their three chaperones, all from New York, participated in […] Read More >

All Girl Scout Destinations Student Updates – June 30th

SCUBA & SEA TURTLE ADVENTURE #1 After spending several days in San San Pond Sak Wetland Reserve in Panama, the Scuba & Sea Turtle Adventure #1 Girl Scouts spent a day biking from Bocas del Toro to Playa Bluff. The students enjoyed the morning clement weather by exploring the beaches of Isla Carenero.. On their course, the Scuba & Sea Turtle […] Read More >

All Summer Expeditions Student Updates – June 28th

Rainforest Hike & Homestay #1 Six students arrived in Costa Rica over the weekend to begin their extensive trek through the rainforest. The group has come from Mexico City, California, Connecticut, New Mexico, Texas and Washington. Their first day on our rainforest base was spent getting to know each other and working in a local community garden. […] Read More >

Girl Scout Troop Visit Costa Rica to Hike Through the Rainforest & Visit National Parks – June 27th

The Girl Scout USA Troop 3161 has arrived at our rainforest base in Costa Rica this past Saturday. Their Sunday started with a trip to the community of San Isidro de Dota, where they will work with the community on a service project in this area that only a few privileged travelers see and experience, far […] Read More >

All Girl Scout Destinations Student Updates – June 23rd

SCUBA & SEA TURTLE ADVENTURE #1 After their arrival at our Rainforest Base, the Scuba & Sea Turtle Adventure #1 Girl Scouts spent several days in San San Pond Sak Wetland Reserve helping with local sea turtle conservation efforts by performing night patrols and building sustainable habitats. “It was such an amazing experience and I’ll never forget holding the […] Read More >

Two Girl Scouts Troops Join Outward Bound Costa Rica on Personalized Programs – June 20th

Two Girl Scouts Troops have joined us in the past few days to respectively participate in a Rainforest & Culture Custom Program and a Panama Service Custom Expedition. The Girl Scouts Troop 31655, with 11 participants from Nothern California, will hike 16km in total, as they discover the Piedras Blancas National Park, following a route that a […] Read More >

How to Get the Most Out of Your Hike

If you’ve decided to spend your summer hiking with Outward Bound Costa Rica, then you’re in for a life changing experience. Hiking through the rainforest during the Rainforest Hike and Homestay, staying in remote villages, testing your physical and mental strength, will change the way you view yourself and the world. At Outward Bound Costa […] Read More >

Welcome, Outward Bound Costa Rica Summer 2016 Interns!

Every summer, Outward Bound Costa Rica welcomes several new staff members to assist during our high season on and off course. We are thrilled to have such a talented group of young interns joining the team  in the field as Instructor Interns! ¡Bienvenidos a todos! FIELD INSTRUCTOR INTERNS Alumni of our Outdoor Leader Semester (OLS) who best exemplify what […] Read More >

Five Environment Saving Tricks

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Here at Outward Bound Costa Rica, we are constantly reminded of how amazing our environment is and today, we should all be thinking a little harder about what we can do to protect it. Here are five easy things you can do at home that really will make a difference in the […] Read More >

6 Ways to Prepare for Your Outward Bound Costa Rica Expedition

You’ve chosen your program and reserved your spot. You’re all set for an adventure with Outward Bound Costa Rica! Now you’re counting down the days until you land in San José, ready to begin. But how can you make sure you come prepared, ready to get the most out of your experience with us? We’ve […] Read More >

5 Life Lessons Your Teen Will Get From Going Abroad Alone

Letting kids go away abroad alone isn’t always easy for parents. However, international experiences are amazing opportunities to discover the world and collect memories that last a lifetime and open our eyes forever. We’ve come up with five life lessons that your teen will surely learn while being abroad on their own: 1. Being present every step of […] Read More >

Featured Alumni Ambassador: Anna Vogts

We’re always proud to hear about our Outward Bound Costa Rica alumni and the amazing things they do after finishing their Outward Bound Costa Rica course. Participants of our Alumni Ambassador program help spread the word about their life changing experiences in Costa Rica.    Name: Anna Vogts  Hometown: Paola, Kansas  Year in school/Occupation: Junior in High School  Course attended with OBCR: Scuba […] Read More >