ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Reaches Rainforests of Costa Rica [VIDEO]

After being challenged by friends and family, Outward Bound Costa Rica staffers decided to take a new approach to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with a ice-cold dunk in a jungle waterfall… And we got it all on video! In traditional Outward Bound style, the OBCR Communications team set out on a two-hour trek behind our […] Read More >

Why Experts Say Getting Outside Is Good For You

Running around outside is not only more fun than staring at a TV screen; it’s essential for your health! Studies have shown that spending time outdoors has numerous physical, mental, and social benefits. Programs like Outward Bound are designed to help participants get up close and personal with the outdoors and experiencing these benefits first-hand. Here are […] Read More >

Pacific Wave & Water #3 Update-August 14th

This past weekend we welcomed our last Summer Expedition course whose itinerary includes plenty of thrilling adventures on the water in their days to come. The group headed to our rainforest base in Tres Rios from the airport where they were greeted by their first customary dish of rice and beans and introduced themselves while also getting to […] Read More >

Caribbean Scuba & Service #2 Update-August 8th

The group completed their scuba diving training with Executive Director Jim Rowe last week on the island of Solarte and prepared for their four day sea-kayak expedition! During the expedition, students paddled in single and double kayaks through the archipelago and calm mangroves of Bocas Del Toro. The waters were very tranquil through the mangroves because […] Read More >

Pacific Wave & Water #2 Update- August 8th

Last week the group of six finished up their stay at our Manuel Antonio base and packed up their surfboards for their next water adventure in Avellanas. In Avellanas, instructors Carlos and Spencer assisted the group in the set-up of their tents along the sandy beaches under the Pacific sunset. For the next few days, […] Read More >

Top Footwear for a Costa Rican Adventure

  So you have decided on your outdoor adventure and are preparing for the trip of your life, checking your packing list twice, telling your friends, buying supplies–but wait, what about your shoes? Having adequate and sufficient footwear can be one of the most important aspects in being prepared to embark on your Outward Bound Costa Rica course. […] Read More >

PACIFIC WAVE & WATER #2 Update- August 1st

The Pacific Wave & Water expedition began Sunday with a day in our reserve working on maintaining trails and cleaning up debris. The group headed out early Monday morning for their 3-day river expedition on the Rio General.  They mastered Class IV rapids while camping on the river bank at night and swimming at a waterfall. Student’s had […] Read More >

Caribbean Scuba & Service #2 Update-August 1st

The students of Caribbean Scuba & Service got off to a quick start early Sunday morning heading out on their excursion to Panama to begin their training for scuba diving. The group of 9 had a smooth transition into Panama where they then loaded boats and prepared for their stay on the private small island […] Read More >

Girl Scouts Destinations Update- July 30th

Today marks our final update for our summer Girl Scouts Destinations programs! It has been a fun-filled season of exciting activities, newly developed friendships, and creating lifetime memories with Outward Bound Costa Rica. We would like to thank all of our Girl Scouts participants for an awesome experience and helping us to have another successful summer with our […] Read More >

Pacific Wave & Water #1 Update- July 25th

Happy Guanacaste Day from Costa Rica! This week the guys caught with Executive Director Jim Rowe at our Manuel Antonio base for two days of CPR and First Aid training.  During CPR training students learned how to correctly administer rescue breathing and chest compressions between adults and children and taking the first steps of action […] Read More >

Rainforest HIke & Homestay #3 Update- July 25th

  Happy Guanacaste Day from Costa Rica! Last Friday students were heading to the Lopez house to prepare homemade sugar cane using the traditional trapiche and getting a taste of sweet pure sugar. After a brief sugar rush, students were eager to hike just a short distance up the mountain to a beautiful gushing 80 foot waterfall! […] Read More >

Nature in Panama

Under the tropical waters of Panama lies a plethora of amazing fish and coral reef! While scuba diving or even just cruising along the sandy beaches, you can see the colorful arrangement of amazing marine life throughout the Panama Sea. 1. Parrot Fish These colorful fish ranging up to 4 feet have beak-like jaws and […] Read More >

Girl Scouts Destinations Update- July 23rd

Saturday was a big day as we welcomed our last round of Girl Scout Destinations programs for the summer! Rainforest, River & Reef, Catching Waves, and Scuba & Sea Turtle Adventure bonded together sharing their experiences on Saturday as they awaited their Outward Bound Costa Rica adventures! Every Wednesday stay up to date with for […] Read More >

Rainforest Hike & Homestay #3 Update- July 18th

Rainforest Hike & Homestay started on the trail Sunday heading only a few feet away to our local reserve where they geared up to complete their first service project. During the service project students teamed together as they shoveled and raked away scattered debris throughout the trails while learning about the importance of preserving the […] Read More >

Pacific Wave & Water #1 Update – July 18th

Our first Pacific Wave & Water summer expedition course  kicked off their week with a service project on our local reserve at the Tres Rios rainforest base before heading out to catch their first waves! The students plus instructors Jorge and Spencer headed behind base on Sunday where they gave a helping hand in clearing […] Read More >

Top 5 Reasons to Take a Gap Year

The gap year, already an established rite-of-passage in the UK and Australia, is quickly gaining popularity among U.S. students and parents. Many top universities such as Harvard and Princeton are now encouraging students to take a gap year before entering college and even providing sponsored opportunities for students to work and live abroad before their […] Read More >

Girl Scouts Destination Update-July 16th

This week our Girl Scout Destination Programs were out and about throughout Costa Rica & Panama keeping busy with service projects, scuba diving, turtle conservation and many more exciting activities! Join us every Wednesday for the latest Girl Scout photos and information! Scuba & Sea Turtle #2 Last week, Girl Scouts of Scuba & Sea […] Read More >

New Staff Update!

Every season we get excited for new staff to join our energetic team here at Outward Bound Costa Rica! Although some new members spend more time here than others we are eager to welcome three new faces to the rainforest base. Our first new staff member is Valerie McKeon coming on board as our new […] Read More >

The Journey to Piedras Blancas

Step into your boots, strap on your backpack, and open your eyes to prepare for the beautiful journey to Piedras Blancas, one that few outsiders ever see on their average trip to Costa Rica.  The trek to Piedras has many scenic routes with views of high mountain ranges, sweeping flatland’s and machete-carved trails that  lead […] Read More >

Caribbean Scuba & Service #1 Update- July 11th

This week after students completed and passed their National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) certifications they took to the waters for a sea kayaking and sail expedition on the island of Solarte. Students paddled four hours through the calm rapids around  the archipelago Bocas del Toro weaving in and out of mangroves while enjoying the tranquility […] Read More >