Open Enrollment: Surfing in Manuel Antonio with Pacific Surf & Cert

This week’s Pacific Surf & Cert students are the final Open Enrollment group for the Summer. Take a look what Grace and Julian have been up to: Pacific Surf & Cert #3 Saturday, we welcomed Julian flying in to meet his course mate, Grace, and their instructors for the week, Molly and Colvin. Grace was previously on Caribbean Scuba […] Read More >

Surfing in Playa Uvita and Scuba Diving in Panama: Open Enrollment Student Updates

As high-season begins to wind down, students soak up their first and last moments in the Costa Rican and Panamanian sun. This past Saturday, we received our last bunch of students for Caribbean Scuba & Service as well as for Pacific Surf & Service. Three groups, including Pacific Surf & Cert, have been learning about […] Read More >

Meet Donna: Chef, Artist, & Outward Bound CR Instructor

Edited & Written By: Maia Seals and Brynna Rao Our talented staff and instructors come from all around the globe and strive to make each student experience valuable and inspiring. Each group that journeys with us brings a new dynamic, which not only helps students learn about who they are, but helps teach instructors more about […] Read More >

Combating Deforestation: Why Outward Bound Costa Rica Doesn’t Serve Beef

At Outward Bound Costa Rica, we are committed to sharing social and environmental values with our students. We strive, of course, to be just as exigent regarding our own behaviors as individuals but also as an organization based in Costa Rica. Doing our part to solve these social and environmental issues is part of educating […] Read More >

All Girl Scout Destinations Student Updates – July 7th

Scuba & Sea Turtle Adventure #2 During their first days, the Scuba & Sea Turtle Adventure #2 Girl Scouts stayed at San San Pond Sak Wetland Reserve in Panama where they performed night patrols and built sustainable habitats for the baby turtles. The girls had the opportunity to plant trees at San San Pond Sak Wetland Reserve and felt very […] Read More >

Costa Rican Christmas Tamales Recipe in 7 Easy Steps

In Costa Rica, one of the most time-honored and delicious holiday traditions is Christmas tamales. For generations, Tico families have marked the holiday season by preparing tamales, a dish of seasoned meat rolled in cornmeal dough and wrapped in banana leaves, to share with family members and friends. Throughout the month of December it is […] Read More >

Outward Bound International Journal 2013: Costa Rica

Outward Bound International, the umbrella organization that links over 30 Outward Bound schools worldwide, publishes an annual journal each year in order to feature innovation and best practices around the world. Outward Bound serves around a quarter of a million people a year in over 30 countries and has reached over seven million people in its […] Read More >

Don’t stay home – Instead, homestay!

Dear future Outward Bound Costa Rica Adventurers: You may know that inherent to international travel is intercultural experience. However, you may not know that Outward Bound Costa Rica deliberately integrates customized cross-cultural experiences into each course in order to enhance the global competence of its students long after they leave the country. Not only do […] Read More >

Links We Like: December 12, 2012

Hanukkah in Latin America looks a bit different. Costa Rican and Central American cuisine in general is arguably a bit bland, but these Jewish foods, which incorporate ingredients found in this part of the world such as guava paste, dulce de leche, sofrito and yucca, are sure to give local fare a bit more flavor. […] Read More >

Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! At Outward Bound Costa Rica, we always have plenty to be thankful for (we live in Costa Rica after all!). Last night some of the crew, and some visiting friends, took some time to cook up a traditional American Thanksgiving Dinner. We had turkey, homemade stuffing, green bean casserole, carrots, butternut squash, cheddar […] Read More >

History of Carnaval in Limon

Costa Ricans love their fiestas, annual celebrations held all over the country to commemorate historic national events and to pay tribute to local fare, traditional music and more. This month, Costa Ricans will once again celebrate Carnaval in the Limon province, which was originally established in 1949 in remembrance of Christopher Columbus’ arrival to Costa […] Read More >

How to Harvest Sugar Cane Using a Traditional Trapiche!

An age-old practice of rural Costa Ricans is harvesting sugar cane using a trapiche (sugar cane mill). An exciting activity many of our courses offer is the chance to make dulce (sugar candy) using this simple hand-crank mill. Here is how it happens: Read More >

Learn to make homemade tortillas, the Tico way!

Many Outward Bound students who participate in a course with us are interested in sampling and learning how to cook tico fare. When Outward Bound Costa Rica’s marketing staff took to the trails last month we, too, wanted to partake in making typical foods with our Costa Rican families. We were so excited to receive a […] Read More >

Semana Santa

The Easter weekend here in Costa Rica was quite the event, with nearly the entire country grinding to a slow halt for one of the most revered religious holidays of the year.  Let’s go over the events. Monday through Wednesday are know as Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday and Holy Wednesday. The next day is called […] Read More >


Most days, but especially when it gets close to lunch time, some of the staff in the office find themselves staring at pictures of food and perusing food blogs. This day is certainly no different, with most being entranced by the delicious offerings of patacones, a delicious treat traditional to Costa Rica. This tasty dish is often […] Read More >

Feliz Accion de Gracias!

Life in the Costa Rican Rainforest is a fantastic cultural experience for the expatriate staff at Outward Bound. However at times some of the foreign staff here will bring over their own cultural traditions. And with the larger number of American staff, so comes Thanksgiving along with them! Although only attended by a smaller international […] Read More >

One More Quinoa Recipe!

The last in our series of quinoa recipes, we figured we would end it with some desert!  Enjoy! Peanut Butter Quinoa Ingredients:    1 cup quinoa   2-3 tablespoons peanut butter   2 teaspooons cinnamon   1 banana   ¼ cup raisins   2 cups water Directions: 1. Boil quinoa in a rice cooker or saucepan with water until all […] Read More >

Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Recipe!

We recently spoke of some tasty and healthy recipes from our very own health food aficionado, Monica Chen. This installation of recipes for Quinoa will be sure to please, as it certainly does here on the Outward Bound Costa Rica base. Having spent many months in the region of South America where Quinoa comes from, […] Read More >

More Recipes from Outward Bound Costa Rica!

One of the best parts of Outward Bound Costa Rica is learning more about the fantastic people that are a part of our organization. One such member is programming intern, Monica Chen, a passionate runner and health food aficionado. Monica hails from Berkeley, California and brings with her a love for cooking quinoa, a staple […] Read More >

Recipes from Outward Bound Costa Rica!

Here at Outward Bound Costa Rica headquarters lunch is often a time for the staff to share stories of their time on course over a nice group meal. On certain days, that group meal is good enough to really get the group talking, and today was no exception! A recipe for fried chicken by instructor […] Read More >