All students (and guardians of students under 18) must agree to Outward Bound Costa Rica’s Code of Conduct, which is included as a section of the online enrollment form. Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct during course may result in expulsion from course without refund. Depending on the type of infraction, the student may receive ample warning and time to change his or her behavior before this action is taken.

When the student signs the online enrollment form, he/she agrees to:

  • Respect the places and the people with whom they come in contact during their course
  • Be an active participant on course and do their best to engage in new activities, work as part of a team and follow all instructions
  • Not bring, purchase or use alcohol, tobacco products or illegal drugs during any portion of their course
  • Not engage in any conversation topics or actions that knowingly negatively affect other group members through intimidation, exclusion, bullying, or alienation
  • Be responsible for personal belongings and equipment, and in the case of loss or damage due to student’s negligence or neglect, not hold Outward Bound Costa Rica or instructors responsible for such
  • Treat all equipment provided by Outward Bound Costa Rica with care
  • Refrain from use of profanity and abusive language while on course
  • Obey all policies and safety guidelines established by instructors and discussed during orientation
  • Not engage in sexual activity

We as an organization are not making any moral judgment with our Code of Conduct; however an Outward Bound course is simply not the time nor place to participate in the aforementioned activities. We strive to create and support a positive and healthy attitude on courses, and the Code of Conduct is simply a reflection of this effort.