All students (and guardians of students under 18) must agree to Outward Bound Costa Rica’s Code of Conduct, which is included as a section of the online enrollment form. Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct during course may result in expulsion from course without refund.

When the student signs the online enrollment form, he/she agrees to:

  • Respect the places and the people with whom they come in contact during their course
  • Not bring, purchase or use alcohol, tobacco products or illegal drugs during any portion of their course
  • Not engage in any conversation topics or actions that knowingly negatively affect other group members through intimidation, exclusion, bullying, or alienation
  • Be responsible for personal belongings and equipment and will not hold OBCR or their instructors responsible for their loss or damage due to student’s negligence or neglect
  • Treat all equipment provided by OBCR with care
  • Refrain from use of profanity and abusive language while on course
  • Be an active participant on course and do their best to engage in new activities, work as part of a team and follow all instructions
  • Obey all policies and safety guidelines established by instructors
  • Not engage in sexual activity
  • Never display any aggressive behavior toward anyone in my group or my instructors

By signing the online enrollment form, you acknowledge that you understand that your attitude and behavior are critical to the success of this course. For the good of this course, yourself, and your fellow group members, you agree to abide by the rules stated here. You understand that if you break one of these rules, you subject to termination of course without refund.


By sending your child on a Outward Bound Costa Rica course, you are making an investment in their growth and development. In order to maximize their growth potential and to ensure their safety and the safety of the other participants on course, we require that each student reviews and agrees to uphold our Code of Conduct. We are fully dedicated to helping all students challenge themselves and push themselves to complete their courses, but ultimately we cannot force an unwilling student to stay. If a student violates the Code of Conduct they will be removed from their course and sent home at their own expense. Please note that we do not refund course tuitions if a student is expelled from their course.