Once enrolled, students receive a detailed packing list specific to their course. Packing lists detail clothing, toiletries, personal gear, and what not to bring. This is a suggested list of what our instructors and past students deem as fundamental gear for specific courses. Students are responsible for their personal belongings and should not bring more than they are able to personally carry.


    We recommend students come to Costa Rica with a minimum of $200 in US dollars. While all food, lodging and transportation are provided as part of course tuition, all students are responsible for an international airport exit tax ($29 per passenger), personal purchases such as souvenirs, and all other incidental expenses. Local vendors are very particular about accepting foreign currency, so we recommend that spending money in USD be in denominations of $20 and that the bills have no marks or tears. If students plan on bringing a credit or debit card, it is important to notify the bank of the pending international travel.

    Students are responsible for their own medical expenses while in Costa Rica. For urgent medical needs including doctor’s visits, we will notify parents/guardians and coordinate payment after the student has received proper medical care.


    We strongly recommend that students bring a durable case and a zip-lock bag to help protect their camera from the elements. Waterproof cameras are strongly recommended as they are more durable from heavy rain and can be used on water-based course phases.

    Students are responsible for carrying all extraneous equipment. We ask that students do not bring large amounts of camera equipment.


    Bringing something for homestay families is both welcome and culturally acceptable, but not necessary. It is important to keep in mind that our homestay families live in some of the most remote parts of Costa Rica. Students generally hike about three days before arriving and will need to take any gifts in their hiking backpack.

    If a student decides he/she would like to bring a gift, we suggest one or more of the following items:

    • School supplies
    • Children’s books (in English or Spanish)
    • Colored markers
    • Soccer balls
    • Hard candy
    • Educational or youth-appropriate DVDs in Spanish