Costa Rica & Panama Service




Session 1: June 16 – June 30

Session 2: June 30 – July 14

Session 3: July 14 – July 28

Session 4: July 28 – August 11

TUITION: $2,400


  • Community Service Costa Rica: 5 Days
  • Sea Turtle Conservation Panama: 3 Days
  • Whitewater Rafting: 1 Day
  • Ziplining & City Tour: 1 Day
  • Transportation: 3 Days
  • Travel: 2 Days

Please note that due to weather and service projects, this schedule may change.




  • Must be 13–18 years old at the time of the course
  • Interest in community service and cultural exchange
  • Ready for a physical fitness challenge
  • Spanish language skills and interest very useful
  • Intermediate-level swimmer who is comfortable in the water
  • A good team player

COURSE REGIONS: Panama (Bocas del Toro Province); Costa Rica (San José, Cartago, and Limon Provinces)


Earn 35 – 40 hours of community service during our Costa Rica & Panama Service Challenge course that gives you an exciting opportunity to experience new cultures through service projects and adventure activities. On this course, you will dedicate your time to assisting with community projects in an indigenous village in Costa Rica and to protecting the unique and fragile ecosystem of Panama. Meet other Girl Scouts from across the USA, expand your cultural awareness, as you create new and lasting friendships.

This course starts in the indigenous region of Talamanca, Costa Rica working and living with the indigenous BriBri population. While staying in a remote village, work alongside fellow Girl Scouts to support the local community. Service projects may include food distribution, creating a garden, painting, teaching English, building aqueducts, building classrooms and recycling projects. Learn about native customs, culture, language, and food engaging with the local community.

Next you will travel just across the border of Costa Rica to protect the diverse marine life along the Caribbean Coast of Northern Panama. Learn about Panama’s beautiful and interesting ecosystems while working on a sea turtle conservation project. Assist with local conservation efforts through activities such as nightly patrols, cataloging nests, habitat creation, and if the babies are ready, releasing newly hatched baby turtles into the wild.  Secure and provide food for the newly returned manatees. You may also participate in other service projects such as beach clean-ups and/or trail preservation.

When you are not engaged in service projects, experience an action-packed adventure while braving the rapids on a day of whitewater rafting, zipping through the treetops on a canopy tour, and soaking in the vibrant culture during a city tour and a visit to San Jose’s bustling artisan market.


Ten scholarships worth $500 of financial assistance, available to select participants. Fill out a scholarship application.

“Before, I was hesitant. Now, I feel experienced and happy.”

– Acacia, 15 –

“Our instructor was very genuine. Every time we talked I learned something new.”

– Erin, 15 –

“Best. Trip. Ever. It was the experience of a lifetime.”

– Dara, 16 –

“I really enjoyed being able to bond with the girls who live in all different parts of the country.”

– Brooke, 16 –

“I loved working with the baby turtles. It is so fun and you get to learn so much.”

– Sophia, 13 –

“The course helped me feel open to the world and confident, along with positive and appreciate.”

– Victoria, 15 –

“This course allowed me to make a difference and take action no matter my age. It gave me the opportunity to dive into the culture and learn what it means to lead myself and others forwards greatness.”

– Bella, 16 –

“I was simply amazed by everything Outward Bound Costa Rica has to offer.”

– Brittanee, 18 –

This trip was the most amazing my daughter has ever had. She misses it so much. She is already planning for next year.”

– Laura, Mother of Girl Scout Participant –

“Before, I was unaware of how much I take for granted and miss the little things in life. After the course, I’ve learned to live in the moment.”

– Julia, 16 –

“My Outward Bound Costa Rica experience was life-changing, eye-opening, fun, incredible, silly, adventurous, inspiring and unique.”

– Rachael, 13 –

“It was life-changing. I grew, learned, experienced and loved so much. I feel like a new person.”

– Julie, 14 –

My favorite part was getting to talk and play with the kids and practice Spanish and learn a lot about the people and how they live.”

– Brynna, 16 –

“Two weeks full of adventure, exploration, and making new connections with people and nature.”

– Jennifer, 16 –

“This course went above and beyond my expectations. I formed sisterhoods with girls all over the country and a new and more beautiful outlook on life.”

– Girl Scout Ally, 15 –

“I was more interested in materialistic things before the course, now I’ve learned to live in the moment and follow my heart!”

– Ruthanne, 13 –

“This was a whole new experience that helped me discover who I am and made me a better person.”

– Alexis, 14 –

“I will be able to face my fears and take uncertain steps more certainly because of what I learned on this course.”

– Elena, 14 –

“This course taught me about myself and challenged my outlook on life. I let my fear of things run my life and this course taught me how to be more courageous.”

– McKenna, 16 –

“It was the highlight of my summer and learned so much about myself, others, diving, and Panama.”

– Abby, 15 –

“It was an exhilarating adventure that has definitely changed my life. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

– Jaddin, 14 –

“Before the course, I took things for granted and was self-conscious. Now, I appreciate friends, other Girl Scouts and myself for who I am.”

– Olivia, 13 –

“Outward Bound Costa Rica takes good care of you and you learn so much.”

– Elizabeth, 15 –

“Before, I was insecure and had little faith in my abilities, now I feel confident and know I have the ability to push myself.”

– Brittany, 17 –

“This was one of the most exciting and fun adventures of my life. I’m never going to forget my time here and the people I met.”

– Kate, 13 –

“Before, I didn’t talk much and relied on my phone. This course made me realize there is more out in the world.”

– Raini, 14 –

“All the instructors are amazing, and I made incredible memories that will last me a lifetime.”

– Maggie, 16 –

“Outward Bound Costa Rica has been a wonderful experience that has opened my eyes to both the world and myself.”

– Brianna, 17 –

“It was a great and challenging way to immerse myself in the Costa Rican culture.”

– Brennan, 18 –

“Before, I was stressed out and distracted. Now I feel like I’ve found a sense of inner peace.”

– Savannah, 17 –

“Our instructors helped us try new things, keep an open mind and stay positive.”

– Rachel, 18 –

“I loved everything about the trip. Everything was something new, even if it scared me at first like zip lining.”

– Gabby, 16 –

“My instructors were amazing and the course wouldn’t have been the same without them.”

– Taylor, 14 –

“Bounding and surfing with other Girl Scouts from the US was amazing.”

– Ana, 15 –

“My favorite parts were meeting all of these girls from across the country and forming lasting friendships.”

– Ally, 15 –

“I made amazing friends and learned a lot about myself. Our instructors were fun and supportive.”

– Sidney, 15 –