To reserve their place on a group program, students must submit this online enrollment form. Once all the students in the group have submitted the form, our team will follow up with the group leader to deliver all information and materials necessary for the course experience here at Outward Bound Costa Rica.

Begin Your Enrollment

This online enrollment form should take about 20-30 minutes. Choose your group from the options below. You will need the student’s background and contact information as well as medical history available. You do not need any payment information. If the student is under 18, a parent or guardian must also sign this form.

Further questions about the program?

Submit an inquiry to our Group Programs & Partnerships Manager. We will help you decide which program will best fit your objectives and schedule.

                        Group Programs 2017-2018: Enrollment Form

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Please have your medical history and background information ready!
This form will take about 20-30 minutes to complete.
Participant Details

Passport & Visa

All persons arriving in Costa Rica are required to show:

  1. A roundtrip/outbound ticket with a departing flight no more than 90 days after your arrival.
  2. A valid passport with an expiration date 6 months after your date of departure. (Departing Costa Rica June 30, 2017-passport must be valid until at least December 31, 2017.)
European, British, and United States citizens are eligible for a 90 day tourist visa upon entry to Costa Rica. This is a free renewable Visa and will be issued when the student arrives in Costa Rica. If you have any questions about visas, please visit your country's embassy website for Visa requirements, restrictions, and prices. Please note that Costa Rica has an exit tax of $29 payable in US dollars or Costa Rican colones when leaving the country.

If you don't currently have a passport, please email our team at as soon as you have your passport number, expiration date and issuing country available.

Required: Guardian Information

Optional: Guardian Information

Emergency Contact Details

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Lifestyle Information

Lifestyle Information 2

Please include measurements (e.g. 140 lbs OR 64 kg)

Please include measurements (e.g. 5'7" OR 1.7 m)


Medical History

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Code of Conduct

I will:
  • Respect the places and the people with whom I come in contact on my course
  • Not bring, purchase or use alcohol, tobacco products or illegal drugs during any portion of course
  • Not engage in any conversation topics or actions that knowingly intimidate, exclude, or alienate other members of my group
  • Be responsible for my personal belongings and equipment and will not hold OBCR or my instructors responsible for their loss or damage due to my negligence or neglect
  • Treat all equipment provided by OBCR with care
  • Refrain from use of profanity and abusive language while on course
  • Be an active participant on my course and will do my best to engage in new activities, work as part of a group and follow instructions
  • Obey all policies and safety guidelines established by my instructors
  • Not engage in sexual activity


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