Leadership & Team Building


Explore Costa Rica and Panama alongside your group as you cultivate your leadership and communication skills. Get outside of your comfort zone and come together as a team while learning valuable outdoor skills in a unique setting.

Course Highlights:

  • Gain outdoor training while developing leadership skills in a unique tropical setting
  • Experience a blend of cultural immersion & outdoor certifications
  • Discover Costa Rica’s most remote surf breaks & dynamic whitewater with locations like Witch’s Rock & the Rio Pacuare

Potential Activities:

  • Seven International Recognized Outdoor Certifications
  • SCUBA Diving
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Surfing
  • First Aid & CPR Course
  • Rainforest Trekking

Leadership development courses facilitate experiences that encourage personal growth and team building for outdoor educators, companies or organizations, sports teams, and peer leaders alike. Opportunities range from earning up to seven internationally-recognized outdoor certifications, learning and practicing new interpersonal communication skills, and expanding on personal strengths to develop individual leadership styles.

Challenge yourself by stepping outside of your comfort zone as you battle rapids, surf legendary breaks, conquer heights, or study wilderness rescue or lifeguarding techniques. Learn new and valuable skills that will help you be a leader not only in the outdoors, but in all aspects of life.  Come together as a group or team to achieve common goals in a unique and spectacular setting.

Study pertinent leadership topics such as group dynamics, decision-making, gender roles and risk management. Learn the spectrum of directive to non-directive leadership styles and when to implement various styles. Study facilitation techniques, tone-setting, debriefing, and transference. You will leave the course with a solid understanding of the consensus decision-making process, as well as how to handle emergency situations and confrontational situations.

Our Custom programs can be designed to match the demographic, interests and abilities of your group.

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“Being a part of this experience has been life changing—learning about myself, my students, our guides, the country, nature, language, culture… It was all amazing.”

– Group Organizer Wahnee, 38 –

“I learned how good it felt to make a difference to people and the world. I understood patience, learned letting go, and found happiness.”

– Shelly, 15 –

“Exploring and experiencing the culture and beauty of Costa Rica is something I will always remember.”

– Shelby, 15 –

“I loved how the program kept us away from tourist sites, kept us speaking Spanish, eating Costa Rican food, and put us in touch with local people.”

– Betsy, troop leader, California –

“This course inspired me to step out of my comfort zone, to try new things, to be open, and to be positive about everything. I now have the confidence I need to succeed and do well.”

– Vannie, 18, University of Washington –