Live the ultimate Outward Bound experience by experiencing two of our Expeditions along with our Pacific Surf & Cert Extension. Hike, dive, surf, and serve on this unforgettable program.


Rainforest + Caribbean + Surf – 5 Weeks

Live the ultimate Outward Bound experience by experiencing all of our expeditions. Hike, dive, surf, and serve on this unforgettable program.

On the ultimate Outward Bound experience, you’ll experience all of our expeditions. Spend five incredible weeks participating in adventure activities that bring you to new heights with a waterfall rappel and as low as a sunken ship in the Caribbean Sea. Earn your NAUI scuba certification while diving among tropical coral reefs of Panama, and join in local traditions at rural homestays after a multi-day trek through the jungle. Finally, head to the Pacific coast for a week of surfing and CPR training and leave Costa Rica with the memory of sand, waves, and epic surf.



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“It was amazing to see and touch sea turtles. I learned to help others, and never give up.”

– Joaquin, 14 –

“A great leap outside your comfort zone, exposing you to the wonders of the world and your home.”

– Ethan, 15 –

“Never before have I had so little, and grown so much. Hiking phase was my favorite phase because I truly felt challenged. It was by far the most rugged, I felt close to nature and who I truly am. It’s the type of experience that you can’t help but grow from.”

– Nathan, 18 –

Outward Bound Costa Rica opened up my eyes to a whole new part of the world.”

– Anna, 16 –

“A once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget.”

– Keera, 16 –

“My Outward Bound Costa Rica course was life-changing. I’m ready to do things I thought I couldn’t.”

– Hannah, 16 –

You learn so much about not only yourself but also about how you impact the world around you.”

– Alaya, 16 –

“I got the chance to improve myself as an individual while having a blast with my team.”

– Daniel, 17 –

“Amazing beyond words and something one can only dream about. I grew leaps and bounds, I would do it again and again.”

– Era, 20 –

“This course challenged me and everything I thought I knew about myself—I will be going home a more confident, more aware individual; going outside my comfort zone and living in a different culture was an incredible experience that I will never forget.”

– Julia, 22 –

“An amazing adventure, while making good friends and having fun.”

– Zachary, 18 –

“My Outward Bound experience was a life changing expedition where I’ve tested my limits, learned scuba and got to make an impact on the world.”

– Zane, 14 –

“Words can’t describe it: you just have to try it for yourself!”

– Graham, 16 –

“It was a wonderful experience: eye-opening, enlightening and fun!”

– Max, 15 –

“I’ve become more appreciative, and I now want to be helpful to the less fortunate.”

– Maddy, 20 –

“It pushed me out of my comfort zone and I became aware of how fortunate I am.”

– Francesco, 17 –